HR Engagement Concierge

Next Level HR Solutions has a strategic approach for helping small to mid-size and sales and serviced-based organizations with personalized engagement activities. Utilizing our collection of personalized strategic engagement tools, we can help you with establishing a solid base for having a consistent message of “thanks” and “appreciation”. 

The Individual/Team Member/Peer/Leader Experience

When individuals, team members, peers, and leaders feel valued and appreciated for their contributions, the organization will recognize significant benefits, such as the following:

• A boost in team morale.
• Enhanced communications.
• Increased unity.
• Strengthened collaborations. 
• Higher productivity. 
• Increased customer satisfaction.
• Reduced employee conflict. 

Studies show that trust and loyalty grow for the organization when authentic appreciation is shown consistently. It is important that your workplace is a healthy one in which individuals and teams feel engaged and appreciated. 

At Next Level HR Solutions, we customize relevant and relatable appreciation tools so that everyone associated with your workplace knows they matter. 

Let us help you build a strong, positive engagement platform one team member, one peer, and one leader at a time by:

• Designing and sending customized handwritten “thank you” notes
• Creating personalized messages for holiday greetings
• Creating and highlighting individualized and team memorable moments to share on social media platforms 
• Planning team engagement activities for birthday, office, or special events

Don’t have time to craft the right message for the right occasion? Let us do the crafting for you. We write, and you send. Whether it’s a note of thanks to a customer or a suggestion to a team member, we will write it right for you. 

The Customer/Client/Patron Experience

Let Next Level HR Solutions help you show your customers/clients/vendors you are thankful. Whether you are a small or mid-size or sales or service-based organization, customer appreciation plays an important role in the following:

• Building brands
• Developing loyalty
• Retaining customers
• Attracting new clients 
• Ensuring optimal service levels

Let us help you convey your gratitude for being granted an opportunity to earn the business, trust, and loyalty of one customer, one client, and one vendor at a time. 

• Creating customized content for handwritten “thank you” notes
• Creating personalized messages for holiday greetings
• Developing engagement activities for customer appreciation days
• Creating and highlighting memorable customer/client/vendor moments to share on social media platforms
• Managing interactions and responses to social media comments/inquiries
• Exploring community events for involvement and support
• Making personal telephone calls to customers/clients/vendors
• Tracking online activities for competitors to develop and to foster a competitive edge