Mystery Shopping

Why Mystery Shopping?

Mystery shopping is a great way to understand your organization from your customer/client/patron’s perspective. At Next Level HR Solutions, we think about, act upon, and seek the services and/or products just like your customers. Our personalized approach offers a tangible evaluation to measure your customers’ experiences. Our mystery shopping program will help you with the following:

• Clarifying expectations about your customers’ experiences

• Enhancing the customer’s experiences

• Refining organizational expectations

• Recognizing next level team member performance

• Cultivating operational strategies, coaching, and training initiatives

Understand your customers’ experience.

What really happens when your customers/clients/patrons call, click, or visit your organization? Do their experiences align with your organization’s objectives? Does it stretch beyond their expectations? Make sure you’re getting a positive return on investment in your team members, training initiatives, and incentive programs. Ensure your brand creates exceptional customer experiences that result in brand supporters and customer retention and loyalty. Next Level HR Solutions provides detailed mystery shopping data that are measurable to authenticate your customers’ experiences.

Understand the service levels of your front-line team members.

Next Level HR Solutions mystery shopping solutions will pinpoint opportunities for your organization. Exactly why are some team members more effective than others? Specifically, why would your customers choose you or a competitor? Merchandise availability? Pricing accuracy? Team member service/product knowledge? We provide you with specific, comprehensive responses to the questions you have about your organization’s performance. Bottomline, we determine the impact on your organization’s brand.

Understand the action to take to initiate change in your organization.

Next Level HR Solutions mystery shopping programs provide detailed information about a customer’s experience as if you were there. But we don’t stop there. Next Level HR Solutions offers more than simply data. We help you understand what the data mean and how to use the data to improve your service levels. We help you create a strategic plan of action to help your business go from good to the next level.

Next Level HR Solutions wants to help take your customers’ experiences to the next level. Our mystery shopper services give you a truthful, comprehensive look at your organization through the eyes of your customers/clients/patrons. We’ll help you to ensure your customers/clients/patrons experience consistent next level service at every location and customer touch point. Contact us today, and let us start a mystery shopping program for you!