Bridgette is excited to share the good news that her new book, “Yes! I Am FED UP. Now What?” is now available. Please visit to obtain expanded information about her new book.


Bridgette’s (known as Coach Collins) earlier books were crafted to encourage habits of wellness, increase awareness of factors and resources contributing to well-being, and inspire and empower individuals to take responsibility for their own health. Through her ten essential habits for living healthier, Coach Collins’ books are designed to educate and support individuals in making healthy choices that will benefit their work and personal lives. Visit for expanded information about her earlier books.


Broken In Plain Sight

A Story of Truth, Healing, and Love
by Bridgette L. Collins

Author and Fitness Guru Bridgette Collins taps into the world of broken hearts and battered souls through her latest book, “Broken In Plain Sight.” The book highlights the struggle of Uncle Bert, a successful business owner and state representative, who has carried around the guilt and regret of not coming to the aid of his now deceased sister, Saddie.

Uncle Bert’s refusal to help Saddie, a struggling, young, single mother with four girls, left Saddie hurt, broken and unable to save her girls from lives of murder, incest, physical abuse and mental illness as a result of poverty. Through Bert’s effort to rebuild his family from their reckless behavior and destructive lifestyle behaviors, secrets that threaten to ruin the family legacy begin to unravel. Bridgette successfully draws the reader into a story of hurt, family secrets, public corruption and suicide which later leads to truth, healing and love.

“Broken in Plain Sight” is only one of Bridgette’s book series that all engages readers through real-life turmoil that are aimed to educate and empower individuals to make their health and fitness a priority.

Destined To Live Healthier: Mind | Body | Soul

by Bridgette L. Collins

Destined to Live Healthier reveals the uphill battle that many Americans face today with regards to living healthier in the midst of uncertainty, depression, infidelity, an abusive environment, fear, family drama, and financial problems.

In Destined to Live Healthier, acclaimed author and fitness coach Bridgette L. Collins empowers her readers to discover the “Power of Choice.”  The assembly of a broad cast of compelling characters, which is diverse and accurate in the depiction of daily challenges with love, marriage, work, family, finances, and relationships, will help readers relate to and understand those common struggles shared to live healthier. 

Readers will gain a better understanding of how their reactions to life’s distractions and uncertainties can cause them to neglect their health.  First, they will meet Laura and Leslie, two sisters reunited after 30 years, who are dealing with a surplus of health issues while struggling to break free from a life built on blame, deception, insecurities, and bitterness. Brenda, a devoted wife and mother, faces financial troubles, a verbally abusive husband, and a medical condition that could create lifelong health problems. Maurine, a recent retiree, confronts her misplaced priorities and unhealthy habits after her husband has a heart attack and a close friend dies from breast cancer. 

By the time Bridgette’s readers reach the final page, the characters are so real that they serve as catalysts for personal change. The details are so tangible that readers will recognize something of themselves and people they know in these characters.  And when they find that they’ve learned a few things along the way, they’ll be all the better for having read Destined to Live Healthier. They will learn to take control of their thoughts, emotions, actions and situations to live healthier: mind, body and soul.

Imagine Living Healthier: Mind | Body | Soul

by Bridgette L. Collins

Imagine a novel tailor-made for individuals who struggle with implementing healthier lifestyle habits in the midst of daily demands, obligations, and pursuits.  Imagine looking into the lives of three people, seeing yourself, witnessing their bad habits and thinking of your own poor choices.  Imagine an enjoyable read that will create a revolutionary shift in your thinking – a shift that unleashes a spirit that will nurture the life God has orchestrated for you.

There’s no need to imagine. Trevor MacElroy, a renowned fitness consultant from Dallas, Texas, introduces three of his most inspiring clients (Sarah, Suzanne, and Todd) and shares snapshots of their personal lives.  Repeatedly suffocated by the stress surrounding their careers, finances, possessions, and relationships, Trevor’s clients neglect the essential components of life that can cause disaster and place them in a fragile position. Their health and well-being are threatened by struggles with insecurity, trust, deception, betrayal, fear, and neglect that breathe poor choices. Immersed in day-to-day events, they avoid confronting issues that if left unresolved will end in disaster on all fronts: mental, physical, financial, social and familial. Resolution only comes when Sarah, Suzanne and Todd listen to their inner voices, seek the help of professionals, and embrace the support of family and friends. 

Reading how others coped with the pitfalls of unhealthy lifestyles is intended to inspire and empower the reader to change the order of their priorities. Bridgette’s book not only gives the reader the ingredients to improve their mind, body and soul, it provides recipes for healthier dishes. The reader will also discover innovative ways to make their favorite foods nutritious and flavorful. Bridgette says creativity in one’s own kitchen will be the key for their journey to optimal health. 

This book gives one the education and the power to move from uneasiness to ease, from turmoil to peace.  It is a must read for today’s high stress, high achieving and highly competitive society.