Coming Fall 2020!

Be the Next Level Leader:
10 Points of Emphasis for Team Leadership Success
by Bridgette L. Collins

In this book, Coach Collins will share ten points of emphasis that people serving in a leadership capacity must know and understand to transcend a team—small business, nonprofit organization, educational institution, and state or local government—from simply getting a job done to achieving next level success. The ten points of emphasis are:

• Using the Right Approach to Influence
• Aligning the Right Priorities
• Demonstrating Truthfulness
• Fostering Constructive Change
• Finding Solutions
• Displaying an Authentic Attitude
• Developing a Collaborative Team
• Mapping the Vision
• Applying Self-Discipline
• Developing Staff

The key to becoming a next level leader is not to focus on influencing other people to follow you but to focus on having the right influence so you are the kind of person they want to follow. The process of developing and discovering effective influential leadership so people will want to follow you will be different for everyone. This book discusses the personal journeys of others Coach Collins has connected with through the years who will share their lessons learned to be an authentic and sincere, ethical and compassionate, servant leader focused on next level growth and excellence.

Coming Fall 2020!

Be the Next Level Employee:
10 Points of Emphasis for Strategic Employee Branding
by Bridgette L. Collins

Now is the time for you to start thinking of yourself personally as a brand. Everything you do in the workplace is evaluated by your supervisors, your peers, and your subordinates based on the way you communicate with others, what you wear, how you walk, what you say about your supervisor and the organization, and your ability to do your job. 

In this book, Coach Collins shares ten points of emphasis regarding how employees aspiring to move to the next level can create, develop, and implement a brand that will impress the decision-makers in the organization. The ten points of emphasis are:

• Be the Learner
• Be the Planner
• Be the Professional
• Be the Problem Solver
• Be the Communicator
• Be the Collaborator
• Be the Visionary
• Be the Climate Changer
• Be the Voice of Integrity
• Be the Service Model

In a world where no one is irreplaceable, Coach Collins helps you to know and to understand what qualities leave an impression that you are “the” next level team member and can positively impact the dynamics of the organization. 

Coach Collins’ ten points of emphasis will guide your thinking about what words you want people to use when describing you and your qualities so you can work towards presenting that image in the workplace.